# GatewayConfig SDK Instruction

# Preface

GatewayConfig APP, also known as Gateway Assistant, was developed and released by Shenzhen Yunliwuli Technology Co., Ltd. Its main function is to configure parameters for related gateway devices produced by Shenzhen Yunliwuli Technology Co., Ltd.

# WiFi Configuration

WiFi configuration development is sourced from Espressif Technology Co., Ltd’s SDK. It is mainly used for mobile apps to perform WiFi broadcast setup and receive WiFi broadcast data. Download:

ESP-WiFi broadcast SDK link (opens new window)


In the README.md in the Github address, check the documentation of EspTouchV2.

# API interface

API interface is the gateway device as the HTTP server. The mobile phone APP obtains the gateway device address after configuring the network through Wi-Fi, and on the premise that the mobile phone and the gateway are in the same local area network, the parameters of the gateway device can be modified through the API interface.

The API interface documentation link is as follows:

Gateway API Interface Address

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